Thursday, September 26, 2013

Spice up your kitchen: Mason Jars

Hey Everyone ! I found out another great Mason Jar! This Classico Pasta sauce is packaged in a Mason Jar! Its really affordable (2 bucks) and not to mention the actual sauce is amazing. So for 2 dollars you get a Mason Jar and a great sauce. This jar lid is a little smaller than the "Ball" Mason Jar brand, but it still works. I keep all of my food containers because you never know when you will need them. Since i discovered that the Parmesan cheese lid fit, i have been trying to replace all my plastic containers with glass. The Pace Lid fits perfect on this jar(but the Parmesan lid is a little bigger than this jar) ! So, i just poured the salsa in the Mason jar and its really cute! I am thinking i might get chalk paint and paint a label so I can write whats in each jar! That's for a future DIY though! I hope you like these fun DIY's and tips because I really like to find out new things and share them! Seriously try them you have nothing to lose ! If you want to stay updated join my site or sign up for email notifications !
I will talk to you soon! God Bless.