Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why should I eat healthy?

You shouldn't try to change your whole lifestyle if YOU don't want to. If you won't stick with it, why would you even consider putting your body threw something so shocking like changing your diet ? Be healthy and change your life because you WANT to, and I mean really want to. Not because the health world is booming and you think you need to jump on the band wagon. Not because someone called you fat and you want to Impress them. Be healthy because you are sick and tired of feeling gross and bad about yourself, your skin doesn't glow or because you don't want to even leave your house because you feel so fat and smelly. Seriously. Change your life for your children, grand kids, unborn children for YOUR legacy. Really fight to put your dent in the world. In reality, after your great-grandchildren pass on, your name will turn into dust like you weren't even here. BE SOMEONE, DO THE THINGS YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED OF, and most importantly BE YOU!

With love,