Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to overcome weight gain

When you step on the scale for your weekly or daily weigh in and you realize that the number went up, start with a few things

  1. How healthy have you REALLY been eating: did you have a bit to much junk food? What about junk drinks? 
  2. Have you been exercising? 
  3. How much water are you drinking? 8 glasses?
If you are doing these things consider:
  1. Take your measurements: sometimes if you gain or lose weight your measurements change. Maybe you haven't lost a pound all week but you lost 5 inches! Which is still progress
  2. What can you do to eat a little better ? Maybe cut dairy
  3. What can you do to intensify your work outs? Try weight lifting especially for ladies, we don't carry much testosterone so you won't bulk up like you think.
If nothing else is working keep in mind it took you (most likely) YEARS AND YEARS to gain all this weight so it is going to take you years to lose it. It's not going to be instant, just stay positive, eat healthy and exercise and you will be on your way!

With love,

Remember I am not a health professional these are just things I have found helpful on my journey!

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to start being accountable

This week I want to talk about accountability:
One of the key components to changing your eating habits and losing weight is being accountable; and for me that is that hardest thing to do. I stray so far away from being accountable at some point so my weight just booms sky high. They say it takes 2 weeks to make or break a habit, it's just those 2 weeks are so hard to keep on track am I right? Here are some things i'm doing to stay accountable!

  • Weighing DAILY: I know everyone says it's bad to be obsessed with the scale but for me personally I have to see where my weight fluctuates because if I don't catch myself quick I will spiral out of control, and it tells me what just ONE cookie can do!
  • Take measurements: I do this monthly, because there are amazing things happening on the outside that the scale doesn't tell you.
  • Have a planner or some sort of journal: I have a planner and a food journal and it really helps me because I write down my weight everyday and write what food I'm eating.
  • Most importantly have a support system: even if it's a weight loss blog somewhere where you could talk to just one person, helps more than you know.
  • Start a routine: when you have a day to relax write down what you would like to accomplish each day and DO IT!!
I know this is so rough to get through, getting on track to be healthy is one of the most stressful things to put your body through. Always remember you will fall off track every once and a while but that's OKAY, what matters is how fast you pick yourself back up and get back on track ! I'm here for you ! 

With love,


Friday, July 17, 2015

Just laugh at yourself

This morning while driving to work, in a really nice outfit, I spilled coffee all over me. Now I can't go home or change, and all I can really do is laugh at how silly I was to spill this all over me. Whatever life throws at you, catch it, accept it, laugh and move on. Anything that you think is a horrible situation just kick its butt and don't let it defeat you.
Enjoy the days you are blessed to have.

With love,

And funny thing, the song "let it go" just came on my pandora ! So funny that life does these things to you

Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to start your journey for a healthier life

My experience with weight has honestly been so awful. I'm always so tired and never up to do anything anymore. I have recently lost 16 pounds this last month and I wanted to share a couple things I have changed in my diet.

  • WATER. I know this is so annoying because everyone says to drink more water but seriously just try it for a week and see what it does
  • I've been eating less meat; you can find your protein in so many other things than a dead animal, because if you want to feel ALIVE why would you eat something that is DEAD. Try eating almonds instead.
  • Small portions. This sucks to get used to but it works. 
  • Not denying yourself anything. If you crave it eat it, but make sure it's a real craving, cravings last 10 minutes so wait it out and see if they are real
  • Less dairy, the only dairy thing I really ever eat is cheese so this wasn't hard for me
  • Being happy. Because how will you love your healthy body of you don't love yourself now ? 
Join me on this journey of finding a healthier life !

With love,

Remember, I'm not a medical professional so talk to your doctor before making drastic diet changes!