Sunday, October 11, 2015

Find someone who inspires you

Getting yourself on the right track can be really hard ! I know this has been a struggle for me for at least 5 years now. Life is so crazy right ? I feel like I'm starting to actually get it now, and 95% of all of this connection in my brain is coming from is listening to someone who gets you. Having someone to tell you straight up what you're doing wrong and what can help you means everything. +Kara Corey Fit Life on Youtube has seriously changed my life. Along with a couple of other fitness girls on YouTube but I really get her, her personality is just like mine and she is so smart and shares such viable information. My whole point is, search the crap out of the Internet and find someone inspirational who you will consistently follow! You have no idea how much it has helped me. I know it takes a long time to finally have an "ah hah" moment but when you do, your life will start clicking into place. It's amazing. I hope one day I can maybe inspire someone the way Kara has inspired me. Have an amazing day ! 

Xoxo, Courtney