Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to overcome weight gain

When you step on the scale for your weekly or daily weigh in and you realize that the number went up, start with a few things

  1. How healthy have you REALLY been eating: did you have a bit to much junk food? What about junk drinks? 
  2. Have you been exercising? 
  3. How much water are you drinking? 8 glasses?
If you are doing these things consider:
  1. Take your measurements: sometimes if you gain or lose weight your measurements change. Maybe you haven't lost a pound all week but you lost 5 inches! Which is still progress
  2. What can you do to eat a little better ? Maybe cut dairy
  3. What can you do to intensify your work outs? Try weight lifting especially for ladies, we don't carry much testosterone so you won't bulk up like you think.
If nothing else is working keep in mind it took you (most likely) YEARS AND YEARS to gain all this weight so it is going to take you years to lose it. It's not going to be instant, just stay positive, eat healthy and exercise and you will be on your way!

With love,

Remember I am not a health professional these are just things I have found helpful on my journey!