Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to start your journey for a healthier life

My experience with weight has honestly been so awful. I'm always so tired and never up to do anything anymore. I have recently lost 16 pounds this last month and I wanted to share a couple things I have changed in my diet.

  • WATER. I know this is so annoying because everyone says to drink more water but seriously just try it for a week and see what it does
  • I've been eating less meat; you can find your protein in so many other things than a dead animal, because if you want to feel ALIVE why would you eat something that is DEAD. Try eating almonds instead.
  • Small portions. This sucks to get used to but it works. 
  • Not denying yourself anything. If you crave it eat it, but make sure it's a real craving, cravings last 10 minutes so wait it out and see if they are real
  • Less dairy, the only dairy thing I really ever eat is cheese so this wasn't hard for me
  • Being happy. Because how will you love your healthy body of you don't love yourself now ? 
Join me on this journey of finding a healthier life !

With love,

Remember, I'm not a medical professional so talk to your doctor before making drastic diet changes!