Friday, July 26, 2013

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul; True Blue Spa Review

True Blue Spa
Bath and Body Works has been an an addiction of mine for a very long time now. I always shop their sales , more often then just any normal day . I wanted to share my thoughts on a few products i have picked up from the True Blue Spa line during their recent sale. I got these five items becuase i have always wanted to try the true blue spa, but it is extremely expensive! They were doing a deal ,buy one get one free, and one was 75% off so i decided to go for it !

I'm almost out !!
The first product i picked up was the Mango Butter 24 hour moisture body butter. First of all, this stuff smells AMAZING if you put it on right after the shower your whole entire house will smell like mango, which i love! The formula is perfect for my skin because it is not greasy and absorbs quickly compared to other brands. I tried this on my dry feet put some socks on and went to sleep, in the morning i could not believe how soft my feet were. The texture is very bouncy and thick and is perfect for anyone with very dry skin. I honestly wish i would have gotten more of this product because it retails around $15.00
Would i pay full retail price ? Yes  

The next product i have is the 100% Shea butter, All- Purpose Super-Moisture Balm. When i first got this i thought it was a body butter, but i ended up liking it anyway. There is no scent to this, which bummed me out but that's okay. When i first touched this i was a little intimidated, due to how thick it was. It reminds me of Coconut Oil a little bit. This works wonders on dry spots like knees, elbows, and feet. Oh yea i totally put this on my feet, and my feet feel great! I have also applied them to stretch marks and it made them fad just a tad, which i love ! I would not recommend putting this on your whole body because you can definitely

feel it on your skin for a while and it is very heavy. The retail price for this product was $17.50. I'm not to sure if i would pay full price for this , but it definitely works. Try picking it up at the next sale !

The next product i got is the Pumpkin Renewing Face Mask. This smells just like Fall, which is one of my favorite
seasons. I was expecting the packaging to be a little bigger but that isn't a huge deal to me personally. When i first used this i was a bit skeptical because it smelled and felt like i was just putting some kind of batter on my face. To my surprise after i washed it off my face felt so amazing ! This mask goes on almost clear, so its great to do if you still have things to do
around the house (the mailman came to the door when i had this mask on , and he probably couldn't even tell). I am very happy with this product, it retails for $12.00 and i would definitely pay full price for it!

Up next we have another face mask! This one is the Blackberry Purifying peel off Face Mask. Now let me tell you , when i went to use this for this first time i was so scared. The color of this is a true deep black color. The smell is divine, and not to harsh being so close to your nose, it smells a little more minty than blackberry, but still amazing. After i got over that factor, i laughed at myself in the mirror, and then waited for the 20 minutes. Now this would not be good to use if there are people around, unless you like to make jokes, trust me you will hear them. When your time is
approaching 20 minutes your face will be so tight !! i couldn't even talk or laugh, but as soon as i peeled it off my face felt like a baby's bottom ! No joke, i even saw blackheads on the peeled mask, it was fantastic ! This retails for $12.00 and i would most likely buy this at full price !

Last but not least i picked up the Apricot and White Tea Supremely Smoothing Face Scrub. The name says it all , it truly does smell like white tea and hints of apricot. I really needed a new face scrub and I'm happy i got this one. My face
instantly looked clearer. I pair this with one of the face masks and treat myself to a mini spa day. This product retails for $12.00 and i will be picking this up next time i go to BBW!! All in all i am very impressed with the True Blue Spa at Bath and Body Works , i wish i would have just bought them sooner because i feel like i was missing out !However i would never pay for bath and body works without a coupon, so i recommend going there armed with a coupon! Thank you so much for reading ! please leave questions and comments down below ! Have a wonderful evening everyone ! Bath and Body Works
I found a coupon code : 20% off entire purchase enter "RMNJUL13" is where i found this coupon !