Friday, August 2, 2013

Bath and Body Works Coupon code for 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING of $50+

Hey everyone ! i just wanted to do a quick post really quick to tell you some amazing news!!! When i search for coupon codes i always want to find codes for a percent off and free shipping !!! Bath and Body Works still has 75% off items , body care items go as low as $2 so go check it out !! I'm not getting paid for this or anything i just want to let you in on a great sale and a great coupon code !!! HURRRYY If you spend $100 this code will bring it down to $80 They have some candles on there for $10 and a pumpkin candle holder for $6 with any purchase ! This is an amazing code ! No shipping and 20% off !! I'm loving this! The 20% off will work no matter how much you spend (under 50) but the free shipping is only for orders over $50. I also found a code for 20% off in store so when you go to check out give them this code (: Their codes are case sensitive so make sure you use all caps !

Online Coupon Code : COOL2050
In Store: 9615 (this might be first come first serve)
Happy shopping !!