Monday, August 5, 2013

Healthy Surprise Subscription Service Review

Healthy Surprise is a monthy subscription service that sends you healthy snacks right to your door each month. The CEO Joe Winke created this box because he saw in our everyday life we had to find the "Least worst option" in food, and he says life is about finding the "Best great option". This box is for making healthy snacking easy , and opening your horizons to some great healthy food you may have never seen before. I got the "starter" size box which is the smallest one. It is $33 A month, it has 11+ full size snacks in each box and has 16-20 servings. They also have the Healthy box for $66 a month , and that serves 1-4 people. The last box size they have is the Large box that is $99 a month, which can feed up to 6 people! Let me start off with how amazed i was about the shipping ! I ordered this on the First, i got an email saying it shipped a couple hours later and it was at my house on the 3rd!!!!! You can tell them when you want it delivered so it is totally shaped to your lifestyle and when you want it. This box is completely 100% Natural, Vegan, Healthy, Gluten-Free, Soy-free, and Corn free! I really love that more companies are paying attention to Gluten sensitivities because i have Celiac Disease, and its hard to find great food you love, that is actually safe! Moving on to the products inside: First i will start out with the things i am really sad about. Just Tomatoes, I personally have a disliking for
tomatoes!i wish it was anything but tomatoes. However , this package is equivelent to about 2.5 POUNDS of tomatoes which is amazing ! I went on this companies website and they had stuff like , just mangos, just strawberries , really amazing fruit and i was a little sad i didnt get those. BUT, i am willing to try these out. Retail price is $4.30. Next the Sea Snax Spicy Chipotle Roasted Seaweed.... Lets just be honest here , seaweed smells like fish food and im not a fish. My step sister and step mom love seaweed, i have tried to like it and it hasnt worked out for me , but since it is flavored i will give it a go. This retails for $1.49 I just wish i would have gotten some chocolate instead! Next in the box i got this fun little package of Nibnaks Crancherry Tart snack. I LOVE cherries, cranberries and
almonds, so i am really excited about this!These retail for $2.19. Then i saw Harvest Roast Pumpkin Seeds with sea salt . When i pulled this out of the box nick wanted to eat them right away and i of course wanted to wait to review !! This product retails for $2.19. Another product i am really excited about are The Daily Crave Veggie Chips! Veggie chips have always been a fav of mine, the bag is only about 1/3 full so thats a little disappointing , but im still excited to take these to work as a snack. This retails for around $1.00. Next there are two
products from the same brand , the first is the Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons. I love macaroons so i am pumped to eat these !! This retails for $2.50. The other Hail Merry product is Orange Rosemary Pecans. I Love orange and pecans but im not to fond of rosemary , so i am interested on how this is going to taste.Retail price is around $.50. Next there is the Organic Veggie-Go's chewy fruit and veggie snack in the flavor Mountain Berry Spinach; Berries, spinach , apples and sweet potatoes. I love fruit rolls , and this has 1/2 cup of fruit and 1/2 cup of veggies in each strip , so i am really excited to try this out later ! this retails for $1.40. The last five items are mocking
me to eat them ! But i am waiting to take them to work. The first
item is for kids but who cares ! It is the Plum Kids Organic
Mashups in the flavor Berry. This is a fun way to get your kids to eat some fruit, it has apples, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries!! YUM! Retail price is $1.00 These last four items are bars. First there is the Cocomojoe Fig Joe bar (what a fun name), now this bar is HUGE! There are so many great ingredients including coconut. (i will do a more in depth review of each product as i eat them)Retail price is $2.75. Next we have two products from the same company, and first is the Gopal's High Enzyme Energy Bar, Rawma Bar in the flavor Sesame Mango. Sounds so good right ?! The only ingredients are fruits and seeds, i love that!Retail price is $1.80. Next from that company i got a Brownie !! YES, a BROWNIE made from only fruit and Walnuts, I might open that in a little bit!Retail price is $2.69 Last but not least there is the Health Warrior Chia Bar in the flavor Coconut. I am obsessed with Chia seeds and Coconut, I hope the true coconut flavor is strong! Retail price is $1.50. My overall opinion is that i think this box is great if you are trying to eat healthy, and wanting to find new companies you have never heard of before. The total retail price of this box is around $26 dollars, which isn't the full $33, however , the shipping is wonderful , they have GREAT customer service and have a great
idea going for them. At first i didn't know if i would recommend this service or not but after reading about them and really thinking of the true value i would really recommend this! You can send this as a gift as well, Which would be a sweet gift to give to someone that is trying to be healthy! You can do it monthly, and it is 100% money back Guarantee so there is nothing to lose ! Remember , i will be doing full reviews on the taste of products at the end of the month ! To read more or to sign up click below !! ENJOY!

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