Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bath and Body Works Haul

I think it is safe to say that i LOVE Bath and Body works, but i don't love some of the prices. So when there is a sale i love to stock up ! The first items are for my boyfriend, I got him Six, 2 in 1 hair+ body wash. Five in the scent Citron and one in Oak. He gave one to his dad and one is currently in the shower. He LOVES Citron so much. The scent is very light but still masculine, it has a nice woodsy smell tied in with citrus i love it too ! Now the Oak one is more dense musky wood smell. It is really strong and more of a sexy scent for a date night. Next i got some Shower Gel for myself! I started with my all time FAV scents from Bath and Body Works, Twilight Woods and Paris Amour. Twilight Woods is what my "scent" was. My aunt knows when im around because she will just smell me from far away, which i personally love. It has a rich apricot/ flower scent and it is to die for ! Paris Amour, i discovered this from a girl at school and i have been hooked ever since. It literally smells like what i
imagine France to smell like. It smells like tulips, champagne, and beautiful apple blossoms. I have the matching body spray and just used up the body scrub ! I would most definitely recommend these both. Next I got Beautiful Day and as you can see , i pretty much used this up already. It has the scents , Creamy musk, fresh pink peony, white peach, blonde woods, sun kissed apples, dewy pear, lily, daisies and cassis. SUCH an amazing combo of scents. If you love Apples and Pears this is for you ! Moving on to White Mango Chill. This is part of there "Summer Chill" collection and i actually got this for free !!! It hit the nail on the head for a summer scent, with white mango, strawberry frost, kiwi sorbet, flowers and blue sugarcane. It packs a "Fruit Punch". If you love sugary scents mixed with fruit you will love this ! Sticking to the summer theme i picked up the ever so famous Exotic Coconut . If you love
Coconut you will be in PARADISE! It smells just like toasted coconut and vanilla , with hints of creamy musk, warm sandalwood, pineapple, guava and papaya. Next we have Country Apple, Now this just smells like a fresh picked McIntosh Apple to the point where you can still smell the orchard. I love this because it smells so light and fresh ! Its great if you just want something to lift your spirits. Last of my Shower Gels i got Cucumber Melon. Bath and Body Works doesnt sell these in store anymore, but thats okay because they are online ! This will always be one of my favs. It smells like a crisp cucumber on a "dewy summer morning". Its great to lift your spirits and feel super clean! I love the Shower
Gels because they are extremely nourishing, with shea enriched gel combined with aloe vera and vitamin E. Then i got a body scrub in the scent Rome Honeysuckle Amore . To be honest i hate the smell of honeysuckle and i love this because it is combined with the smell of blackberries, raspberry, peony, cypress wood, italian peach, golden amber and soft sandlewood. It is a very dainty girly scent. I love the body scrub because it has a Superfruit complex made from the antioxidant fruits such as blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate. Moving onto Body lotions! First i got Wild Citrus Sunflower, and honestly that is just what is smells like. Yummy nectarines and sunflowers. I hope it will be online because i still
want to buy it ! Next from the same line i got Wild Peach Poppies. I am obsessed with the smell of peaches and this on my skin just smells so luxurious. It smells just like peaches , fresh poppies and a hint of sugary musk ! I wish i would have bought more of this one ! Last of these i got just a staple Sweet Pea body lotion. If you have never smelled Sweet Pea before you need to get yourself to a Bath and Body Works A.S.A.P. It is the sweetest floral scent ever and i must always have it at all times ! I love the body lotion because it has Vitamin E, Jojobo oil and Shea butter which
keeps your skin healthy and the jojobo oil makes it absorb into your skin quick so it isn't greasy. Moving on to the Triple Moisture Body Cream in the Sweethearts collection Honey Sweetheart. I love this smell of sweet honey violets with a dash of pink sugar. The triple moisture body cream is my favorite because it is so rich and light at the same time. It has so many great ingredients for your skin , 24 hour moisture and it is light / non-greasy . Coming up next we have Fresh Picked Hand Cream in Tangerines. I payed full price for this because it wasn't on sale at my Bath and Body Works but i had to get it because when i tested it , it was just so smooth, creamy, soft and
non-greasy all at the same time , Nick even loved it. It smells divine and just like sweet yummy juicy tangerines and i had to
have it . Im sad that they wont have this scent again but they still have others that will be staying. This hand cream has Shea Butter and Vitamin E so whenever you feel like your hands need some TLC use this! It is a perfect size to just throw in your purse! (i just put some on!) Now moving onto The Fine Fragrance Mist! First i got Cucumber Melon just because i love it , and they don't sell these in stores that's why it is the old packaging. This smells just like the body wash and a staple to smell fresh. Then i got Country Chic, This just smells like a sweet southern woman
fruit and flowers is the best way to put it ! Last scent i got is Pure Paradise and that truly what it is, just full of fruit, musk , coconuts, and flowers, just like a tropical island! I love love love this scent because it stays on for a long time. The next few products i got were hand soaps , literally each and every one smells delicious and if i go on about them i would never stop so i wont go into detail but i will go through the names. First of the Anti-Bacterial deep cleansing hand soap is Peach Bellini ,Fresh Picked Pears, Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Ocean
Pearl, Caribbean Escape, Fresh Picked Wildberries, and last Coral Reef. I also got three gentle foaming hand soap all in the scent Wildberry Dahlia, which i am in love with !! Each one smells DIVINE !!! and im so happy i got them . After that i just got some basic Anti-Bacterial Hand Gels , pretty basic, and they change the scents all the time so i dont think it
would be fair to share how much i love them and then you cant find them so i will just show you a picture. I got a super cute pocket bac holder that you can see in the picture ! I think they are still available . And Last but not least i got candles ! Their candles make me so happy. I only buy them when they are on sale i got four, but i used up Mahogany Teakwood (Abercrombie) and Pink Sangria (lemonade). The two i am going to share are Vanilla Coconut and Tiki Beach. First Vanilla Coconut smells just like the name vanilla and a creamy coconut with a hint of musk, i love this candle so much! Tiki Beach is a
little sweeter coconut , vanilla musk and orchids. This smells just like an island somewhere !! I hope you liked what i got , and i hope you are still reading ! I know this was long but i really wanted to share my finds with you. This haul retails for over $360 and i only paid around $90 ! So wait for sales and ALWAYS go to Bath and Body Works Armed with a coupon.